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Liberate Your Skin

Love the smell and hydration it offers for my skin. I have very sensitive skin and it didn't even irritate my skin.

kallee k.

I have never had a moisturizer that felt this amazing. This even beat out the drunk elephant moisturizer!


There is something just so clean feeling about it and my face is looking so smooth and bright.


This is my first time using a facial mist, I am hooked for life, love how it makes my skin feel. Keep up the good work Liberate!

laurie l

I use this as a refresher during the day and also once I am done with my makeup in the morning. Gives my skin the healthy pick me up it needs!

stephanie m

This is a new find for me, love that it can be used in 2 ways, saves time and is doing wonderful things for my skin!


I love love face oils, as someone who is over 40 and has dryer skin. This oil hits all the marks for me.

sara d.