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CBD SKINCARE: more than just a fad

Let me preface with the fact that I am a self-proclaimed skin-care enthusiast who was born and raised in Southern California. So, although I as of yet to actually stroll into a dispensary, I have very liberal views on the legalization of Marijuana and generally possess positive thoughts about the plant’s overall benefits. Moreover, I have entered (kicking and screaming) into the 4th decade of my life; So, one can more accurately describe me as a maniacal, obsessed, middle aged woman in a desperate search for a fountain of youth hack.

NO PAIN, NO GAIN - had begun to be my approach to skincare. The more glycolic and lactic acid, the better and throw in the acute pinch of a botox needle.. well, that was just the icing on the cake! I had become a glutton for pain. So, imagine my excitement when a friend approached me to try this new CBD line, liberate, and provide my candid feedback. I had begun to see CBD skincare products pop up on my shopping cart checkout as suggestions for products I may like to try, first on, then ULTA, and most recently

I knew very little about CBD, (short for cannabidiol), much less how it pertained to skincare. I did, however, know that beginning this new skincare routine, meant putting the current one aside. No exfoliating acids? Could CBD compete with the anti-aging benefits of AHA’s?

I was about to find out!

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: liberate cbd glow gel cleanser and mask, $40 (3.4oz), liberate cbd facial elixer spray, $40 (2oz), liberate cbd glow hydration creme, $54 (1.7oz), liberate cbd glow face oil $52 (2oz), liberate cbd glow body oil, $56 (4oz) 


I don’t even think a fairy godmother could’ve granted me abetter complexion than I had after just 1 day of using the liberate skin care routine. To be clear, I am not boasting of a slightly noticeable difference, I am talking about a significantly noticeable improvement! I was incredibly impressed. And for those of you who don’t see the virtue in patience, then you will really appreciate the instant gratification that comes from the immediate change in your complexion

So what does your skin look and feel like? Like one just walked out of a high end salon and had a 45 minute pure Oxygen facial. In other words, your skin looks supple and energized, minus the swelling or redness. (I didn’t realize I had skin sensitivities until they were gone! i.e. redness around the nose, dry patchy skin) But, what truly sets this skincare line far above the rest, is its ability to transform your skin from within and emanate a true glow.


So, unlike other anti-aging ingredients such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids that work by exfoliating the skin to stimulate new cell growth and keep the skin taut and firm, the CBD (along with other active ingredients like bakuchiol, reishi & abhwagandha extracts) work by plumping up the skin and as a result smooth out fine lines or wrinkles. Its a difference in approach that’s worth trying, in my opinion. The skincare line-up, (pictured above) is comprised of 4 facial products and a body oil; I committed to using all 5 as part of my daily skincare routine (and still do to this day). I am obsessed with maintaining that glow and figured why mess with what works? That meant, however, that I did not experiment by eliminating one product at a time in order to determine if there was a synergy that was essential to achieving my results or if any one individual product could essentially carry the weight of the rest of them.

Lastly, I recommend adding a toner to your routine because the facial mist works more like an essence to prep and restore your pH balance before applying a moisturizer and/or serums to your face. I, initially, continued to use an eye cream, however realized that I was no longer showing any signs of inflammation on my face, including around my eyes! Without puffiness and the balance of moisture restored on my face, I no longer felt like using an eye cream was necessary.

Versatility of use: I found these additional ways to use the product very useful:

• the gel cleanser doubles as a mask: the activated charcoal draws out impurities, gently exfoliates, and brightens skin for an overall glow

• the cleanser also gently removes makeup, including eye makeup (although it is not recommended to replace the makeup remover step of your skin care regimen)

• the facial mist can be used as a refresher for your skin to provide hydration and restore your glow

• the directions also suggest using the mist to set your makeup for longer wear

Feel like you already got your glow on? Well, use the facial oil as a booster and add a couple of drops to your favorite moisturizer, serum, self tanner or even makeup foundation. Elevate your skin by providing a boost to products already a part of your skin care regimen.


I must admit, I did not consider myself to be a person “in need” of CBD products. And considering that according to a recent Market Watch Report, the global cosmetics market is valued at over $580 million, I was rather late to jump on board. But, let me assure you, CBD’s anti-oxidant properties and ability to work as a very powerful anti-inflammatory, significantly extends the reach of how many persons can benefit from CBD infused skincare.

liberate your skin. I did. 

-Christina Hernandez, san diego


Iv been using Liberate skin products for a month. I love it 🥰 it definitely is making my skin texture noticeably smoother and the face oil has decreased the lines around my eyes 😊 I have slight eczema on my elbows and the body oil has been great keeping it away.

Kirsten March 04, 2021

I love all of liberates skin products! Since I have been using their CBD face products my skin looks and feels way better than it ever has!

Tiffany March 04, 2021

I love all the products!! my face looks and feels so much better since I started using liberate!

Tiffany March 04, 2021

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