what is cbd?

why do we use it in our skincare? how does it treat sensitive skin? are there other benefits? what are the different types of CBD?

cbd is one of two primary active chemical compounds (the other being thc), found in cannabis plants (eg: marijuana and hemp).

cbd acts as a strong antioxidant to protect against free radicals,and is ideal for those with sensitive skin types, as cbd has been proven to treat acne by reducing inflammation and controlling excess sebum oil, both of which are considered to be leading causes of the skin condition. 

in short, cbd’s powerful antioxidant properties and effective antiinflammatory capabilities, when used in skincare, can reduce the signs of aging by minimizing fine lines, improving dull skin and brightening overall skin tone.

the verdict?

there is no denying that the results from cbd infused skincare are overwhelmingly positive, most especially for those that suffer from skin sensitivities.