liberate skin is the result of melding east coast and west coast philosophies, creating a uniquely fresh take on skincare.
our goal: to develop (remedies/treatments) that balance potent botanical based ingredients with the anti-inflammatory properties of hemp oil. skin is the largest organ in the body which is why it is crucial that we nourish it properly. liberate your
skin from harsh chemicals and feel the difference.  
with over 55 years of experience, our team offers clients high end, luxurious products that combine the science of skincare
with the anti-inflammatory properties of hemp oil. we pride ourselves on sourcing clean, natural, responsibly sourced ingredients
for our products in an industry that often strays far from its homeopathic origins. we design solutions for a range of skincare needs by using effective, natural botanical blends in
tandem with hemp oil to leave the client’s skin feeling as it would after gentle, refreshing spa treatments.